About Epic Consulting Services

As organizations become more mature users of Epic’s software, Cornerstone Advisors’ comprehensive suite of Epic solutions is essential to get the most out of your Epic investment.

We partner with our clients to maintain focus on strategic alignment with organizational goals, extend Epic to affiliates via Community Connect, achieve enhanced usability, optimize functionality and workflow, and provide highly-skilled and certified staff to augment your internal capabilities.

Whether Epic is the main focus or part of an integrated overall solution, we understand the role Epic should play and how to best use it to achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Services


Health IT Advisory &

* Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery


Epic EHR Implementation & Optimization


Staff Augmentation & Project Resourcing


Clinical Workflow Improvement

* Epic Telehealth


Community Connect Development

Accelerate Your Return to Revenue

COVID-19 has resulted in medical groups and outpatient clinics dealing with extreme reductions in service volumes and revenue. While certain specialties and procedure-focused departments have been hit especially hard, nearly every clinic in operation has been negatively impacted. Whether you’ve experienced a 20% decrease, a 40% decrease, or even more, here are 6 specific steps you can take now to ensure maximum operation and accelerated revenue/ reimbursement for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

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